The Augur’s Scroll: Remnant II

January 7th, 2008 by Sharkchild

I have seen the woman dressed in violet. She came to me, suddenly, in my mind, and devoured my intelligence of judgment. With movements soft as slow moving water, she turned me against myself, indulging my nightmares with the promiscuity of the nations. I became the choice of kings—one small piece of the so many broken crowns.

It was through the woman dressed in violet that I was awakened to the evil behind my eyes—behind all eyes. It was in her that my faith was reborn stronger than the unseen presence of sound. If even time itself had ordered my transformation, it would not have had as unmatched potential. I knew of what this woman represented, but I did not know about her; I did not know of the violating weights that she carried and the burden she delivered.

This sight of twisted beauty was not a sight seen but once; it had come and gone through many generations, passing from father to son and so forth on. But there still can be no warning of what awaits. Glimpses of the eventual may be seen, but the exacting happening will tell the tale that requires no listening ear.


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