Update: The Dreadful Inspirator Contest

October 26th, 2009 by Sharkchild

Unfortunately, I must make an embarrassing announcement regarding the contest: I only received two entries and so there is no way to move forward with the contest as planned.

I am still going to reward the two people that did participate and name them both honorary Dreadful Inspirators for 2009. I will construct a story around each of their entries and also send them a signed copy of From the Passages of Revenants (The Dark Verse, Volume I).

The following are this year’s Dreadful Inspirators along with the elements (who, where, what) they submitted that will be included in an upcoming story of THE DARK VERSE.

Corey Parson
A woman with: long stringy black hair that is dripping wet; eyeless sockets and blood flowing like tears; and a mouth twisted into a gruesome smile as though someone has forced her lips back permanently
(B) A windowless solitary confinement cell in a high security prison
(C) A prisoner with mysterious scratches on his wrists and neck is sent to solitary confinement after claiming he has heard voices

Johnny Figura
(B) The top of a mountain with a sacrifical altar similiar to the one in The Dunwich Horror
(C) Making a deal with a human

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