TDV 16: Time Into Death

May 6th, 2008 by Sharkchild

One drop, three drops, twenty drops—then it was steady. The glass window facing the driveway fogged under my breathing as I watched the rain begin its exotic descension upon the glum spread of concrete and blood. My skin tingled while severe emotion shot through my body, invigorating my keenness during the very surreal moment.

The blood on the ground never fully diluted. Fresh crimson constantly flowed from the gaping and fatal wound upon my brother who lay outstretched upon the subtle gray of the pavement. Without restriction, it streamed from his neck, pooling into a harsh interaction with the rain. His breathing had surely stopped.

When the twisted indulgence had sufficed, I stared diligently at the blood coming from my brother’s neck. I stared until its motion slowed, stopped, and then reversed course. The rain began to ascend, coming off its place on the ground and shooting back up to the heavens. I walked slowly backwards, conscious of myself. I let the front door open on its own in perfect timing as I stepped backwards though it out into the moist air. I crouched next to my brother and picked up the ax lying adjacent to him. I waited until he rose from the ground clutching the side of his neck. Then, when his hands released from their sickening desperation, I reenacted in reverse that action which sent him to the ground. My brother’s wound vanished. I ran backwards to the garage and returned the ax to its place, then returned to my brother, allowing myself to alter the future of which I had just experienced.

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